Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Wow ... what a ride!"

I had wanted a motorcycle since I was 16. They were cool and I loved to go fast (still do!). My dad, who got hit by a car in Hawaii while riding his moped to work, had a saying: "Buy your son a motorcycle for his last birthday." So I had to wait till I was out on my own to own one.

The month I moved out of my parents house, which was about 4 months after I graduated college, I bought a brand new 1991 Suzuki VX-800. A good though thoroughly unpopular motorcycle. This is me and my new son, Nathan in the spring of 1997. I sold it that summer.

vx800 1997 2

In 1995 I got into track racing and bought a used Kawasaki EX-500. It was way too small for me but I had a blast on the track. In November of 1996, my wife, Tammy and I had our first kid so I did the responsible thing and hung up the leathers and helmets while we raised a family. During the summer of 1997 I sold my VX, my EX and a cool Yamaha RM-80 two stroke pit bike I had for cruising around the pits during race weekends. That was the beginning of a long four years with no motorcycles....


This was my 1986 Yamaha FZ750. I bought it used in 2001 after a four year hiatus. 



I took it to track days with NESBA on the weekends and commuted on it 20 miles to work (I-66, yikes!) almost everyday.

In 2002 Yamaha brought the FJR1300 to the states.  It got amazing reviews and I was ready for something better suited for long distances.

116-1633 img

This beauty was a freight train. Rock steady at ALL speeds and a joy on which to commute even in stop and go traffic on I-66.

Weekend blasts up the mountains on Rt 211 were also a breeze.

The bike was so agile that I had to stretch its legs on the track.  This is me in the beginner group with NESBA.

For track riding I did grow out the FJR's bulkyness and needed something made for the track. This guy was the ticket. It's a 2005 Suzuki GSXR600.

Of course, when you are going to the race track all the time you need a suitable fun hauler to get you (and all your junk) there in comfort.

And some various pics of me tearing it up on a few race tracks. Enjoy....


In 2006, I sold the FJR and the GSXR and went another four/five years without a motorcycle!! Not doing that again.
In June of 2011 I bought a 2000 Kawasaki ZR-7 with just 12,875 miles on it.






Here's a pic of a 2010 MV Augusta that I got to work on and ride for a weekend. If I have an extra ten grand laying around, this bike would be mine!

Here's a few of videos..  The first is a crash I had at Rd Atlanta.  There was not much left of the video camera. I was fine, just slid into the grass. The bike faired much worse, it flipped over smashing most of the plastic and levers and foot pegs. Took me the rest of the day to put the bike back together with spare parts. But I was back riding the next morning!



This is Summit Point Race Track in WV. This track is the smaller Jefferson course. Two laps of fun!